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"I've known Mrs. Taryn Givan for many years in several capacities: (1) 4th Grade Teacher of my now 22 1/2 year old Airman Daughter.  She impacted my daughter's life tremendously with her awesome teaching skills. (2) My Supervisor (Principal) at Westlawn Elementary School for 5 years as I served as School Receptionist.  Mrs. Givan was a very caring Principal & would fill in wherever she was needed even in the classroom if there was a teacher shortage.  She has left a lasting impression not only on myself but my entire family due to her professionalism as a Teacher & Principal."

- Melinda Simon

"Taryn Givan has been my co-worker and my administrator. She is a class act who works hard and her positive spirit is contagious! She brings light and joy everywhere she goes. She is an amazing educator because she means business but she loves the kids with every fiber of her being. She encourages, motivates, and makes everyone around her passionate and strive to be their best. She has been a huge influence in my educational career and I am forever thankful for her guidance."

- Lisa McCloskey, Teacher

"I have had both the blessing and the pleasure of working with Mrs. Taryn Givan for the past several years. I have witnessed firsthand, her dedication, determination, tenacity, and her stick-to-itiveness to continually lead as well as help others to learn and grow professionally and personally. She is highly skilled, knowledgeable, and competitive in her field(s). She does whatever it takes to get the desired results, and stands strong in the face of opposition. I watched her take a school that was in Improvement Required (IR), and transform it into a flourishing learning community. Mrs. Givan is compassionate, empathetic, and often selflessly puts the needs of others before her own. I am now a much more effective professional because of the influence of Mrs. Taryn Givan."

- Tyrone Teddleton, Teacher

"I've known Taryn since 1991. I met her at Liberty-Eylau Middle School. We were part of the band together and a group called PALS, which stands for Peer Assistant Leaders. Even back then Taryn was a natural educator to many of our peers. True educators have a natural passion for learning which gives them the ability to reach, teach, and lead through their example. I've watched her as a teacher, assistant principal, and principal go the extra mile to be the best and bring out the best in all those around her and throughout the community."

- Armani Valentino, CEOE of College Boy Publishing LLC

"Taryn is an outstanding educator who is passionate about student success and growth, as well as the growth of fellow educators. It has been an honor and a privilege to work with and for her the past 4 years." 

- Michael Jones, Teacher

"Passionate and committed! Mrs. G is knowledgeable, loves her students, and wants the best for all. A hardworking leader who has helped empower more leaders!"

- Lucia Ochoa, Assistant Principal

"Mrs. G is a dynamic, innovative leader whose purposeful drive and vast experience make her an asset to any team. I have had the privilege of working with Mrs. G for the past five years, and she has supported big ideas, inspired exponential growth, and advocated

for intentional goal setting, planning, and instruction to create educational

opportunities for all learners."

- Laura Dean, Teacher

"I have worked with Taryn for several years. During this time, I have witnessed her personal and professional strengths be tested and fortified. She has shown herself to be an advocate for staff and students, alike. Her knowledge of curriculum, instruction, and interpersonal management is unrivaled. Also, she has served as a mentor officially and unofficially for many. Her mentorship has spanned from that of an instructional leader throughout her school district to a “big sister” as a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. She has handled every shift and transition that comes with being a campus and community leader with grace, resolve, and a constantly rejuvenated focus!"

- Ruby Vaughn, Coordinator of Behavioral Interventions

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